Mindful Glitter Jar

Children struggle and these children tend to show their emotions by acting out and through their behaviour. They find it hard to find the connection between feelings and behaviour. A technique called the glitter jar is a form of mindfulness practice that all children and teens to adults can benefit from, it creates stillness focusing on being in the present moment and a moment of calm. This is one of the best visual analogies for mindfulness.
Think of the jar as our mind the glitter represents thought and emotions and everything happening in our mind when we shake it, it becomes upset if we sit and breathe slowly and settle the glitter calms and settles too.
Be still watch the jar and watch the glitter slowly fall to the bottom, feel the breath coming in and out be patient and relax, make sure you are somewhere quiet and comfortable.
To make your own jar for your child or in the classroom all you need is:
  • A jar
  • glitter
  • water
Now you're ready to shake and watch the calmness!