Piagets model of cognitive development


⭐️The sensorimotor stage Birth to 2 years
Learning and knowing their world learnt through sensations, children are learning basic functions such as sucking, listening and looking in their everyday life. At the earliest part in life, children learn their knowledge and experiences from sensory input and experiences by interacting with the world and environment around them.

⭐️The Preoperational Stage 2 to 7 Years
At this stage, children begin to think symbolically about the use of words and pictures that start to represent everyday objects. They tend to struggle with viewing things in the same way as others and only from their perspective Seeing things in very concrete terms. At this stage learning through play is important being pretend play or hands-on play. They still find it hard to find logic at this stage and the understanding of an idea.

⭐️The Concrete Operational Stage 7 to 11 Years
The concrete stage is where increased logic starts to take place, they also start to understand at this stage that their thoughts and opinions are different from others and this becomes clear that it is unique to them. They start to understand concept unlike earlier stages for example the shape of a container and what it holds may look bigger or smaller, but they understand that’s just the shape not the volume of contents in the container itself.

⭐️The formal operational stage 12 and up
This stage includes many major characteristics and developmental changes in children and turning into young adults. Their understandings become clearer and think on a scientific level which they can connect to things happening around them and the world in which they live. They use their existing knowledge to further explore Hypothetical situations.