Validating your childs emotions

⭐️When you validate your child’s emotions it shows them that you understand them. This validates that what they are feeling is real and understandable, supporting growth on a personal level as well as towards other people.

“I am here for you”
“you have the right to feel that way”

Validation requires you to listen to your child with all the information put forward, and contributing to them expressing how they are feeling, by communicating in a calm and quiet environment.

This will establish a safe and open conversation that contributes to your relationship and create an experience of empathy and care. Try not to correct or argue, as this will send the wrong message and not develop the right communication patterns in your relationship. By creating these good experiences for open conversation and validation of emotions and feelings, we create a safe environment for them to share things with us as parents.

This creates personal growth and emotional growth in our children and an ongoing positive outcome for future instances.

1. Be present
2. Reflection of what you have listened to and discuss with your child
3. Identify feelings
4. Affirm the feelings